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Petrit Halilaj faces with the childhood in the exhibition in London

Prishtina, 29 November 2017 - The arts work of Petrit Halilaj, which takes shape from the history of his homeland, will be presented in London. Halilaj will exhibit sculptures, drawings and installations directly related to his childhood in the village of Runik.

The "Kamel Mennour" Gallery, located in London, will be the host to what the artist has titled ''Abetare' (Fluturat)", which will open on December 1st, writes "Koha Ditore". For this exhibition, the Kosovo artist has created a number of art works related to his homeland school.

This presentation includes a film, numerous sculptures and instillations. Halilaj's earlier connection to this subject was introduced by a movie in cinema, whose material is based on a school facility in 2010, before it was demolished. Halilaj documents children's memories in schools. The main route or a starting point is the disclosure of their curiosity and happiness about the changes and the new school to be built.

A similar aspect resonates in this exhibition as well which he has named it ''Abetare' (Fluturat)", and which includes art works that Halilaj created using old school tables and school boards. "This way the artist has occupied himself with scribbles, drawings and small texts, which the pupils had once written on the school equipment. Halilaj used thin material to create these objects in larger formats.

Despite their sculptural form, the objects contain clear graphic characters and create some sort of delicate effect that unfolds through drawings across different spaces in the gallery", says the description that was made to this exhibition.



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