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The Artist Petrit Halilaj will present his works in New York

Prishtine, 27 November 2017 - On January 7, 2018, Petrit Halilaj's exhibition "RU" will present the new artist's project for archaeological excavations from Runik, an area of one of the earliest Neolithic settlements in Kosovo.

In his works containing sculpture, drawing, text and video, are the materials from his native country, Kosovo, and they are manifested as ambitious spatial installations. Archaeological excavations in 1968 and 1983 revealed the most important history of Kosovo's material from the period, including a musical instrument known as Runik Ocarina.

Its volatility has made these objects of great symbolic value to Kosovo, introducing multiple institutional and archaeological data from sources across borders. Halilaj for the first time makes the findings in Runik available to the public in the full sphere. He created a total of 505 objects and fragments recorded as birds that have temporarily stayed in an imaginary landscape. In his creations, Halilaj foresees that these objects are at a temporary stop, reunited as living beings and flourishing through movement, rather than belonging to any country or context.

Halilaj rejects the impression that this collection should define only one nation; he questions his field through the memories of his civilization. In 'RU' Halilaj passes from the truth into imagination, and unites the fact with myths that give great sculptural forms.

He introduces a written story through personal narratives and asserts collective stories as flexible realities determined through temporary movement and stay, writes Blouinartinfo. Petrit Halilaj: RU, will be present at the New Museum of Contemporary Art on January 7, 2018, at 235 Bowery, New York, USA.



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