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French performance “Tordre” brought a contemporary dance to the Kosovar public

Prishtine, 13 November 2017 - A simple scenography centered all the attention on the two dancers. At a slower pace their movements start by wandering around the stage, and sometimes facing in the eye to leave then the stage to one another.

Gili Hoxhaj. The show "Tordre", which performed last night under the French Danse Orient Express program, made the Kosovar audience enjoy a second show of contemporary French dance, writes KultPlus. The stage of theatre ODA seemed to send on a daunting journey through the stunning game that featured this performance choreographed by Rachid Ouramdane and under the performance of ballet dancers Annie Hanauer and Lora Juodkaiten.

A simple scenography centered all the attention on the two dancers. At a slower pace their movements start by wandering around the stage, and sometimes facing in the eye to leave then the stage to one another. Annie Hanauer, comes barefoot and with her hair waving during the movements of her body. Her dancing comes more restrained, with a complete assurance and precision, moving up and down to straighten her body with every sound of music being heard. She comes for the first time in the Balkans and last night brought the first interpretation for the public of Prishtina.

"It's very special to be here and meet the audience of Kosovo, it's a great pleasure to come and share your work with people here and be hosted so warmly. What we performed tonight was a very personal job, we worked very closely with the choreographer Rachid, it was something coming from his eyes that was related to what he saw in our eyes, so what you saw was from inside both of us. We have had a lot of cooperation with each other to achieve this", Hanauer told KultPlus.

Lora Juodkaite, the Lithuanian dancer last night performed a lot of magic through her dancing, intertwined with her personal narration. She went around while her voice told of the freedom she felt about dancing, and recalled how in her childhood on the carpet of her room she turned dancing into a habit. Her dancing and rotation seemed to be moving rapidly in the space, and it often seemed that her hands crossed within her body, multiplying on the stage.

"Even when I'm tired, even when I am sick, I dance", were the words she whispered while she was dancing.
"I have been dancing since I was a child, I have come to this world as such and continue to dance so even nowdays. Simplicity and originality is what is lacking in this world. The essence of this performance is to be simple, clean and have nothing false, nothing extra ... we are just with you. We shared with the public what we are. My dancing on stage is something beyond what can be explained", she told KultPlus.Such a performance by the Lithuanian ballerina was coming for the first time in Kosovo, to get amazing energy from the public.

“I have never traveled around Kosovo, public energy was amazing. It is a great thing to share your time with the public and also to see the way of life here, we were also at the National Ballet studio and we saw that the conditions in which they work here are very difficult and in a way we are happy that we come here to bring our support and hope we have brought little positivity and energy", explained Lora Juodkaite for KultPlus.

The Embassy of the Republic of France in Kosovo had preceded this evening with the organization of a spectacle on October 7 at the National Theater of Kosovo with Ballet Angjel Preljocaj. "This program aims to promote dance, ballet and theater by working with local partners. We are very happy to have reached a cooperation with the world of ballet dancing here in Kosovo", were the opening remarks of French ambassador Didier Chabert.
Florent Mehmeti, director of the Oda Theater said that this theater is making efforts to offer its audience something that is not too big as production in Kosovo.

"This is to say that even earlier and now we are combining plans for the development of contemporary dance in Kosovo as well as other disciplines that are not very present in Kosovo", said Mehmeti.


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