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Kosovo accepted into the SEE Cinema Network

Prishtina, 10 November 2017 – "Kosovo has joined the SEE Cinema Network, which is the largest network of film funds in the Balkans", is stated in Kosova Cinematography Centre announcement.

"Today was held the General Assembly of South Eastern Europe Cinema Network, where from now on, through the Kosova Cinematography Centre, Kosovo is a member of this network", the announcement emphasizes.

SEE Cinema Network, founded in 2000, is a network of Southeast European countries aimed at developing cooperation between film professionals and its member states by supporting the development of international co-productions and short film production.

The main goal of the SEE Network is to promote and develop the national film industry of each participating country in order to strengthen bilateral and multilateral cooperation with network members.

KCC Director, Arben Zharku, who was present at the Assembly and defended Kosovo's application in this network, said: "Apart from creating equal opportunities for Kosovar film projects with those of regional projects, the membership in the SEE Network also creates powerful links among our filmmakers and those from the region.

This very important membership for our cinematography is the starting point for other memberships, hoping that Kosovo will join the largest European co-production fund - Eurimages. We also thank all the countries in the region for their support and for creating new opportunities for Kosovar filmmakers".

With admission to the SEE, Kosovar film projects will have the opportunity to apply for the development of feature-length film and short-film subsidies, while in the future, SEE Network is expected to support feature-length film projects. The member states in the SEE are: Greece, Serbia, Cyprus, Romania, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro, as Montenegro joined only today, together with Kosovo.


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