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The movie "T'padashtun" (''Unwanted'') from Kosovo, proposed for the Oscars, appears in LA Screenings

Prishtina, 9 November 2017- The movie "T'padashtun", which deals with dramas and traumas caused by the 1999 war in Kosovo, directed by Edon Rizvanolli has recently appeared at the LA Screenings festival, which takes place in the United States of America.

Displayed under the auspices of European Film Promotion (EFP), which annually focuses on the screening and promotion of European films proposed for the Oscar Academy, the film will also be screened today at Chapman University, where Edon Rizvanolli will be present.

''T'padashtun'' is a drama dealing with the consequences and traumas caused by the 1999 war in Kosovo. The movie deals with the story of a teenager who lives with his Kosovar mother in Amsterdam and his mom's return of traumas turns her world upside down. Adriana Matoshi and Jason de Ridder act in the main roles.

Out of 92 films competing for the category of 'Best Foreign Film', 28 of them will be screened in LA Screening organized by European Film Promotion. Of this record number of proposals, only 9 out of 92 will go to the narrow circle and at the end of January 2018, 5 movies will be published to be nominated for this category. European Film Promotion is supported by the Creative Europe - European Union Media Program and EFP member organizations, including the KCC.


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