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“Një Muaj" from Kosovo, world premiere in Cairo

Prishtina, 1 November 2017 - The film from Kosovo, based on a true story, directed by Zgjim Terziq will have a world premiere and will compete for the festival awards of "A" category.

Co-funded by the Kosova Cinematography Center, the short feature film titled "Një Muaj" will be part of the 39th edition of Cairo Int'l Film Festival, Koha Ditore writes. In this festival, the director of Kosovo film is going to compete in the official short film competition - "International Cinema of Tomorrow Competition" for Best Short Film Award and Special Jury Award.

Director Zgjim Terziqi said that ever since the "Një muaj" started, there have been major plans for this project. "We have had great ambitions since the beginning. Not only because we have believed too much in the story, but also because we have not spared anything to fulfill the film's potential, "said Terziqi. The film's story unfolds around the character named Ana, a blind 40-year-old, unmarried, who lives under the agreement of her four sisters.

Their pact contains the care for her by every single sister for a month time. The movie "Një muaj" casts actors Makfire Miftari, Luan Jaha, May-Linda Kosumović, Shengyl Ismajli, Irena Cahani, Fatmir Spahiu, Rinesa Qeriqi, Era Balaj, Dardane Mehmeti, Zog Zeqiri Berisha, Blerina Krasniqi, Nata Zeqiri Berisha and Lis Spahiu.


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