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Greek writer Dino Koubatis dedicates a book to the poet Ali Podrimja

Prishtina, 27 October 2017 - “Ali Podrimja, in memoriam” is the title of the book of Greek writer, Dino Koubatis, dedicated to the Kosovar poet, Ali Podrimja.

Kosovar became famous in Greece 35 years ago from the Greek outstanding poet Kosta Valeta, who met him in a poetry festival in Italy and presented in Greece with the book “Harta e grisur”, stated Dino Koubatis. “The truth is that in today’s Greece, where unfortunately young people do not even know Solomon and Pallaman, or have heard about Kalvo and Ragavia, it is not a particular surprise to not know many greatest poets. I wanted to say that I did not know Podrimja.

After knowing him and his poetry, I consider him as worthy as most prominent Greek poets. Podrimja is already known in Greece alongside the tragic voices of poetic pain for freedom and peace”, stated Greek writer Koubatis, reports Shqiptarja. According to the National Historical Museum, Dorian Koçi, the contemporary Kosovo poet, Ali Podrimja, became famous in the whole world, creating the poetic school of symbols and metaphorical thought.

The name of Ali Podrimja has already become in the world’s most prominent poetry map and his unnoticed death in a poetry festival in France on 17 July 2012 remains a mystery.


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