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Actor Ilir Rexhepi from Kosovo participating in the famous TV series “Tatort”

Prishtina, 27 October 2017 - “Tatort” is a German series running since 1970 and brings different actors to perform characters of series. The episode to be screened to the German-speaking audience in 2018 is being directed by the German director, Maris Pfeiffer, with film production company Warner Bros. This episode, in addition to other novelties, brings in its cast an Albanian actor.

Ilir Rexhepi, actor with origin from Kosovo, who is building his career and living in Germany, spoke exclusively for KultPlus for his role in ‘Tatort’, the TV series that was a dream of the actor. Rexhepi has performed alongside well-known actors as: Jörg Hartmann, Anna Schudt, Samuel Finzi…

“I always wanted to perform a role in ‘Tatort’, which since 1970 enjoys the greatest popularity of all television series in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and always had a cast of best German, Austrian and Swiss actors”, stated for KultPlus, Ilir Rexhepi, adding that he thinks that every actor in German-speaking countries has a dream and wish to play in this famous series.

“This time, my dream and wish came true. I contacted Warner Bros to perform a role in ‘Tatort’ and during these days I participated in shooting in different places in Germany. Also, I have the honour to play in this part of series with well-known actors, as Jörg Hartmann, Anna Schudt, Samuel Finzi”, sated Rexhepi for KultPlus.

‘Tatort’ in Germany is broadcast in prime viewing time every Sunday from 20:15 in the first German public television ARD, whereas reruns are shown in many other German public television as ZDF, WDR, NDR BR…Several other parts of series are produced by Austraian Television ORF and Swiss Radio-television SRF, with a mutual cooperation. Thus ‘Tatort’ is TV series with a criminal topic in German-speaking countries. The episode where compatriots of Ilir Rexhepi may see him is to be broadcast in 2018.


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