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Works of Memli Kelmendi to be interpreted in California

Prishtina, 26 October 2017 – Two works of Memli Kelmendi, Kosovar composer, will be interpreted by the famous chorus “The San Gabriel Valley Choral Company” from California – USA. “Agnus Dei” and “Ater Umbra” are works selected by the chorus to be interpreted on 28 October 2017.

The concert will be held within the program “All Souls’ Eve​​” in “The Parish of Saint Luke – California”. “The San Gabriel Valley Choral Company” (SGVCC) was established by Dr. Thomas M. Miyake in September 1995. Repertory of this chorus includes music from various periods. In March 1999, SGVCC was selected to perform in American Choral Directors Association/California Music Educators Association. This chorus is conducted by Dr. Alexandra Grabarchuk (musician and conductor, who also conducts the chorus Contemporary Choral Collective from Los Angeles (C3LA).

“The San Gabriel Valley Choral Company” (SGVCC) is very satisfied to bring the music of the young Albanian composer Memli Kelmendi in California. In this event will be interpreted parts from the works of composers Morten Lauridsen, Requiem of Mozart, etc. These works were earlier interpreted for several times in Santiago of Chile, Argentina, Charleston – USA, Philippines, France, Turkey, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, etc.

Successful compositions of Memli Kelmendi have been performed in the famous festival of the electronic music in Ohrid (Ohrid Summer festival). He was presented in various concerts and festivals inside and outside the country, as “Ditët korale të Dashnor Xërxës”, “ReMusica 2013” etc. He composed the electro acoustic work “Black & White”, which opened the festival “DAM”, was a conductor and compositor in the festival “ReMusica 2014” in the event of choirs, where almost all Kosovo cities participated. In May 2015, Memli, with the chorus and orchestra of the Music School “Halit Kasapolli” performed concerts in Italy-Venice (Basilica di San Marco – Venecia), San Lio – Venezia, A Jesu Lavoratore – Venice, Santi Gervasio e Protasio – Venice, at the international festival of choral music “TEHO” – Macedonia, etc.

Several of his works are: “Passage through the Life”, “True”, “M2”, “Silent Dream”, “Another Noise”, “M2”, “SePse.. , Black & White, Thunderstorm in D, Behind, Behind, Emotional Act, Ex Alpes Rugova, Agnus Dei, H.SH, etc.


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