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Czech Ambassador presents "Imagine" on Czech National Day

Prishtina, 18 October 2017 - Ivo Šilhavý, the Czech Ambassador in Kosovo, carries a camera and is ready to capture different moments.

Šilhavý is a diplomat that is different than his counterparts, and has photographed the soprano Besa Llugiqi, former President of the country - Atifete Jahjaga, Ilir Deda, Ramush Haradinaj, Mimoza Kusari Lila, Anita Haradinaj, Isa Mustafa and other characters, and some of them were smiling in the photographs, which represents a political moment that is unfamiliar for us.

Šilhavý has decided to present these photographs to the audience in Prishtina, namely on the National Day of Czech Republic, in an organization in the capital. The Ambassador noted how important it is to change the future since the past cannot be changed, reports KultPlus .

"Vaclav Havel said that love should triumph over the hate. I believe in this saying and tonight I am presenting my journey through photos so that you can also believe in this journey", said Ambassador Šilhavý tonight at Sheshi 21, in a party with various guests, and some of them were also in his photographs.

Exhibition "Imagine" shows Šilhavý's journey in Kosovo during the three years in this position. "Imagine ..." is a mosaic of 31 photographs of Kosovo's mayors, prime ministers, politicians, artists, journalists, children, members of minorities, and so on. Everyone has a common and very important matter: HAPPINESS.

This is not the first time that Šilhavý brings photography as an artistic medium in an event of the Czech Embassy in Kosovo.

The previous exhibitions began in October 2014 with the video “Havel forever”, and were followed by photo exhibitions "1984" in June 2015 and "One day like this ..." in October 2015, "Times are changing" in May 2016, "Panoramic Prague" in June 2016, and "In Kosovo with love" in June 2016.

"For me the photography is a good way to remember every event and every part of my journey as a diplomat, even in Kosovo. Tonight I am bringing some of this experience here in Kosovo and a piece of my personal art", said the ambassador.


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