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Reshat Ameti presented an exhibition in Croatia

Prishtina, 17 October 2017 - In the "Mimara" Museum in Zagreb has been opened the exhibition of the artist Reshat Ameti, titled "Në kërkim të dritës (In search of light)", which will be opened in the Croatian capital until October 22nd.

The exhibition will be presenting three summary cycles of art works, created in the last ten years: "Nga tradita (From the tradition)", "Lirika gjeometrike (Lyrical geometry)" and "Dialogu (Dialogue)". For his paintings, the art historian Iva Kerbler, on the occasion of the exhibition, in the catalogue writes that Amet is one of those painters to whom painting is an adventure, passion, and experiment, who focuses his research on new painting opportunities and he does so with his typical lightness.

“He has no interest on surface, decorative effect of the painting; he enters deeply in the elaborate articulation of the painting, by constructing the composition that stems from his spontaneous painting manoeuvres, whereby installing strong armour in painting, irrespective of whether it deals when he softly applies the pigments in the fabric.

In his paintings, the viewer identifies an imaginary landscape, and at the same time it is both terrestrial and celestial ... “, writes Kerbler. Reshat Ameti (1964) has graduated from the Faculty of Art in Skopje, in the class of Ana Temkova. Now he works as a painting professor at Tetovo State University. Ameti has had many personal exhibitions. He has participated in over 200 local and international group exhibitions and is the winner of many prizes.


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