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“A theatre play of 4 actors…” was presented in Köln

Prishtina, 17 October 2017 – The play “A theatre play of 4 actors…!” which was successfully presented in different countries, it was also presented in the metropolis near the Rhein River, and it was received with great enthusiasm by the public in the city of Koln, rewarding the play with long clapping.

The cultural association URACult e.V. in Koln has brought no less than currently most demanded theatre play director of Balkans, Jeton Nezirajn, the successful director Blerta Nezirajn and along them well-known names of Kosovo's theatrical and musical scene.

The acting of Shengyl Ismaili, Adrian Morina, Ernest Malazogu and Shpëtim Selmani was brilliant, as a group where they were perfectly harmonized, but also in their separate roles. Also, the musicians Art Lokaj and Drin Tashi, as part of the show, with their musical impulse concluded a successful show.

And this show that came from Kosovo to be presented before the Albanian audience in Germany, follows the cultural event URACult Authentics, which was held two weeks earlier by URACult e.V. in Koln.


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