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The edition "Zhurma e artistëve pa kufi" (The noise of artists without borders) begins

Prishtina, 6 October 2017 - "Qahili" Gallery organizes today the third edition of the activity "Zhurma e Artistëve Pa Kufi". This activity will last three days and will end with a mini-exhibition at the "Qahili" Gallery on October 9.

Artists from all across Kosovo will participate in the "Zhurma e artistëve pa kufi". The Noise of Artists without Borders aims to create a noise through artists. This is because not always artists have special spaces where they can make noise through their works and activities they do but this is also with the way they interact with the society. Through their works, the artists present to us different problems that surround society in the country or outside.

These works represent the confidence of artists as well as their ability to travel physically or through their works. These are the people who are able to break the rules in order to find new methods, rules, and lifestyles for others to follow. This activity is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sports as well as from the Municipality of Prishtina. 


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