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Besa Llugiqi in the main role in the premiere of “La Traviata” in Bulgaria

Prishtina, 5 October 2017 – Following the success with the theatrical “Lucia di Lammermoor” in Burgas Opera House, Kosovo soprano, Besa Llugiqi, will soon bring alive the main role of Violetta Valery in this theatre, report KultPlus.

“La Traviata” of Verdi will be conducted by the best Bulgarian conductor Ivan Kojuharov, whereas Llugiqi stated for KultPlus that it is an extraordinary pleasure for her to perform this role and work with maestro Kojuharov. “The role of Violetta is very complex for me, together with technical difficulties, a masterpiece created with dynamism, sorrow, sacrifice and love which are the nuances that make this work dynamic and keep the public thrilling.

It is also an extraordinary pleasure to cooperate with maestro Ivan Kojuharov, because years ago I listened an interpretation of ‘Traviatta’ conducted by this maestro and I was so impressed as I could hardly expect such a cooperation”, stated Llugiqi for KultPlus. This cooperation was a result of the success of the theatrical “Lucia di Lammermoor” in this theatre, where she was immediately invited for “Traviata”.

“Of course I immensely enjoyed the fact that I will go up on stage, with my preferred role in a theatrical conducted by Kojuharov, who is one of the best conductors in Bulgaria”, she stated for KultPlus. “La Traviata” will be on the stage of Burgas Opera House on 3 November of this year.


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