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Italian philately, first prize for Mother Tereza postage stamp

Prishtina, 2 October 2017 - Danillo Bogoni, Director and expert of the Italian Philately has officially announced that the postage stamp dedicated to Mother Teresa was awarded the first prize, writes KultPlus.

KultPlus below brings you the full script written by Danillo Bogoni. “Happy linkage of words with the image is presented in the postage stamp issued last year in Kosovo honouring Mother Teresa.

This stamp made by four very precious hands of Dijana Toskas and Hilmijeta Apuk, this year won the "San Gabriel Prize". The postage stamp presents the image of Mother Teresa accompanied by her words, from the poem ‘Farewell’, written by her on her way to exile “I am now tied to the silence of loneliness”. She wrote this poem on the board of the ship traveling from the Mediterranean to Calcutta, a trip lasting five weeks.

She also writes about the missionaries who remained in their homes: « Pray for your missionary, that Jesus may help her to save as many immortal souls as possible from the darkness of unbelief”. The delicate and touching composition with the image of Saint Teresa and the poor in her first poetry, except for the legend “Oh God, accept this sacrifice” stamped in red, requires a greater concentration to look within the sentiment that is followed by the banner worked under the coordination of Dijana Toskas and members of Little People of Kosova and especially Hilmijeta Apuk.


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