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The Museum of Kosovo gets a permanent exhibition on the 10th anniversary of Independence

Prishtina, 21 September 2017 - The Museum of Kosovo will get a permanent exhibition. Working group chaired by Professor Gazmend Rizaj, presented its concept to the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kujtim Gashi.

Rizaj informed Gashi about the purpose and the content of the permanent exhibition which will take place in the Kosovo Museum, and according to the plan it will be opened on the occasion of marking the Independence jubilee of Kosovo.

According to the envisaged concept, the exhibition will have a chronological set up from the Neolithic period to Kosovo's Declaration of Independence in 2008, whereby will be exhibited the Kosovo movable heritage exhibits, which reflect the cultural and historical identity of our country.

The exhibition will contain authentic material and non material exhibits as well as gift exhibits given to the Museum. The exhibition will be divided into the archaeology pavilions, the history of international exhibits and the ethnology room.

Rizaj said that the working group which is engaged in the preparation of this exhibition expects the support and cooperation of Minister Gashi to finalize this project.

Gashi expressed his gratitude for the serious work in this project which is very important not only for the cultural heritage but also for the state of Kosovo because this exhibition can be freely considered as a cultural and historic identity card of our country.

"The permanent exhibition which will be presented at the Kosovo Museum will enable a reflection of rich heritage that Kosovo has, which proves the antiquity we have as a nation," said Gashi.

Minister Kujtim Gashi said that this project will be among the priorities which the ministry will support in order to eliminate eventual barriers that hinder or slow down the concretization of the exhibition.


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