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Majlinda and Distria in quest for medals in the world championship

Prishtina, 29 August 2017 - After shining on the stage, Majlinda Kelmendi will today on Tuesday appear where she shines the most - in tatami respectively. On Sunday evening, the Olympic championship was announced the best female judoka on Gala evening organized in Budapest, Hungary, in the event of marking the 65th anniversary of the International Judo Federation (IJF), writes "Koha Ditore" today.

The Judo World Championships kicked off in Budapest on Monday, while on Tuesday (today) the competition of judokas in the category of up to 52 kilograms and the category up to 66 kilograms is going to take place. In the category up to 52 kilograms, two Kosovar female judokas are going to compete, namely Majlinda Kelmendi and Distria Krasniqi.

Majlinda is the first to feature, while another one to feature is Distria, who is touching the highest levels of judo every day more and more. Being featured, Majlinda and Distria are free in the first round. While, in the second round Majlinda will be in queue for the winner of the fight between Aerim Kwon of South Korea and Evelyne Tschopp of Switzerland. Meanwhile, Distria will have to deal in her first fight with the winner of the fight between Ikram Soukate of Morocco and Nazakat Azizova of Azerbaijan. 52 female judokas are in quest for medals in the category up to 52 kilograms.



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