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Kosovo takes part at the European Film Academy with 17 members

Prishtina, 16 August 2017 – Kosovo already has 17 members with the right to vote at the European Film Academy, which awards one of the most important cinematographic prizes, which is also considered as the European “Oscar” prize.

Being able to contribute with this many votes, Kosovo by the number of members is ahead of Albania that has only four members, Macedonia with three members and Montenegro with two members.

On Monday it was announced that to the European Film Academy has been added the actors Adriana Matoshi, Astrit Kabashi and producer Trim Musliu. They joined other members who had previously become part of this prestigious institution, among them Arben Zharku, Veton Nurkollari, Jeton Budima, Visar Krusha and others. The new trio that was added to the Academy was proposed by Arben Zharku, who is also the director of the Kosova Cinematography Center.

“I made the proposal. I am the first member and I have very good cooperation. Astrit Kabashi and Adriana Matoshi have been proposed due to fact that the movie 'Babai (Father)' was nominated for the 'European Film Award', while Trim Musliu was accepted as part of a new program for artists who have had international success and are under the age of 36”, said Zharku.

According to him, being a member of the European Film Academy first of all is an honour, but also a contribution for the cinematography of the country.

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