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“DokuFest” prompted a great international media interest

Prishtina, 10 August 2017 – This year around 120 local and international media journalists are accredited in order to closely follow the International Documentary and Short Film Festival, “Dokufest”.

In this way, media attention is great, proving once again that "Dokufest" has managed to place Kosovo on the cultural map of the world, reports KTV.

According to Anyla Dautaj from "Media Center", the highest interest in this 16th edition is caused by premiered films, and especially those followed by public discussions with movie directors or filmmakers.

"Koha Ditore" journalist, Sihana Klisurica, says that following "Dokufest" means lot of work, si there are many opportunities provided to each journalist, due to numerous events.

Norway's journalist, Truls Lie, is following "Dokufest" for the third time. He claims that this festival has many segments that awaken interest of foreign media.

According to Lie, human rights films program is prominent, and that the organizers have also featured a variety of documentaries.

“Dokufest 2017” ends on August 12th.


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