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“A long way home” directed by Ibër Deari, is participating in another international festival

Prishtina, 02 August 2017 – The short feature film “A long way home”, with Ibër Deari as Director and Screenwriter, and produced by Afrim Asani, has been selected to be part of the International Film Festival “Louisville” in Kentucky, is reported by KultPlus. The director Deari announced this himself and expressed his happiness of being selected to participate.

The film plot relates to man named Olti, whom after being released from prison, is heading back to his home. But along the way, he faces a big obstacle. Olti is denied entrance in his village. He is faced with dilemma between his family’s dangerous situation and running far away and start a new life. The cast of “A long way home” is as follows: Mirsad Abazi, Sefedin Shabani, Musa Isufi and Ardian Kadriu.


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