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The artists of "Termokiss", are part of the exhibition "Documenta" in Kassel, Germany

Prishtina, 26 July 2017 - Ten artists of the Prishtina "Termokiss" centre will join the group of other Albanian artists that this year becomes part of the exhibition "Documenta".

"Documenta" is one of the greatest artistic events in the world, where great artists such as Pablo Picasso and Wassily Kandinsky have exhibited their works. It is held once in five years in Kassel, Germany, and this year many Kosovar artists such as Sokol Beqiri and Lala Meredith-Vula are participants, along with curatorial work by Erzen Shkololli. These artists have been joined now by ten members of the Termokiss community, who from 2 to 16 August will be part of the project "Title on the Spot" in collaboration with other social centres such as Toestand (Switzerland), Happy Positiv (Switzerland), Soshenko 33 (Ukraine) and other similar centres in Germany. They will build a "collective village of ideas", whose foundation is based on common productivity, cooperation and transparency methods, with a special focus on the "process of creation".

The final product with an unknown form is defined and illuminated by the work and the common ideas of this temporary community. "Termokiss" was operating in a building of Termokos premises, in Prishtina, which was never finalized and for years was a place where it was abused with drugs and served as a public toilet, and now is already the recreational and artistic space of the capital. The place has been known for almost a year now as "Termokiss", which can be interpreted as "warm kiss" or passion, which, according to artists, characterizes this project.

The space, already transformed, has roofs, scenes, decorated walls, unique windows and a lot of furniture that is continuously donated by donors. In this environment are held concerts, film shows, discussions, exhibitions and various activities. The artistic community has welcomed this space, where they can gather and develop their ideas.


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