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The film "Eternally Child" also in six important festivals

Prishtina, 26 July 2017 - The short film "Eternally Child" with a script and directed by Lorena Sopi, a film that deals with the rotten family relationship between the authoritarian father and the juvenile boy named Moni, has been selected in the official programs of six important international festivals.

From 4 to 7 August, the film "Eternally Child" will be screened at the Italian coast festival Cortosplash Film Festival, which will be held in Nova Siri, Italy, to continue at the well-known American Accolade Global Film Competition held in La Jola from 1 to 5 September 5, then from 21 to 24 September, will be screened at the prestigious European Film Festival, held in the Tourist City of Nidden, Lithuania, from 23 to 30 September will be screened at the Sose International Film Festival, held in the Armenian capital of Yerevan, and from 5 to 10 October, will be screened in one of the most popular short film festivals, namely the 15th jubilee edition of Mediterranean Short Film Festival Of Tangier in Morocco.

It is also important the selection of the film ‘Eternally Child’ on the short list of the competition program Short of the Year, which is organized by the internationally renowned Promofest platform in Madrid, Spain. The film ‘Eternally Child’ during the autumn months awaits many other events. So far, the film has been selected by 22 international festivals and has won five different awards. The lead actor of this film is the famous actor Xhevat Qorraj and Miran Zymberaj. Other roles come from Sheqerije Buqaj, Beslidhje Bytyqi, Kosovare Hoti, Joni Thimi, etc. The director of photography is Latif Hasolli. Film editing by Nexhmi Mehmeti. Costume designer Samka Ferri. Master of sound Gezim Rama. Art director Uran Duli. Music by Naim Krasniqi.


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