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Kosovar movie “Father” will be shown in Belgrade

Prishtina, March 2, 2017 – The movie “Father” directed by Visar Morina will be shown this month in Belgrade. Goethe Institute in Belgrade has selected this year also the best German movies, or in coproduction with Germany to be shown at the Cultural Center GRAD.

The movie “Father” is German coproduction, 104 minutes, and a powerful history which already has several major awards at great world festivals. “Father” explicates the story of Nori (Val Maloku), a child, who sells cigarettes in the street together with his father Gëzim (Astrit Kabashi) in Kosovo of the 90’s. When the father wants to find a way to emigrate in Germany, the son does everything to be with him. Caught between the desire to be together and the need to deal with the difficult reality, the relationship father – son develops to the point where there is nothing between them as it was before. The movie will be shown on March 12, 21:00 pm, at the Cultural Center GRAD in Belgrade.


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