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KSF makes history in London

After 12 months of education at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, in Great Britain, the officer of the Kosovo Security Force, Ismail Hoxha earned the sword for the best international officer-cadet. It is the first time that a military representative from the Balkans received such an award.

At the graduation ceremony in Sandhurst, Hoxha had the honour to receive this award from Prince Charles. Along with him, two other KSF officers graduated today, Fitore Fazliu and Besfort Kruma. Present at this ceremony was also the KSF Commander Lieutenant general Rahman Rama and Kosovo ambassador in London, Mr. Lirim Grajçevci.

At the magnificent ceremony at this Academy, Kosovo flag was not placed according to the alphabet as in the past ceremonies. Today, Kosovo flag was the first, followed by the flags of other countries participating in the academy.

For watching the graduation ceremony and the parade, the front seats were reserved for guests from Kosovo.

All of these showed a special respect for the state of Kosovo, since the representative of this state graduated from this Academy with an award that no one from the Balkans managed to earn until now.

Prince Charles usually does not participate in the graduation ceremonies in RMAS. However, today, he stood with the graduating officers, in the same Academy where his two sons were educated.

Congratulating the awardees, Prince Charles of Great Britain said that this time when cadets are being awarded, is a difficult time for a military profession, as according to him, the pillars of the international order are being challenged by the arrival of a cult of death and destruction by alluding to the militants of the Islamic State, whom he did not mention by name.

Furthermore, Prince Charles said that “this is a celebration day for announcing great achievements of people who deserve the warmest possible congratulations. You are receiving your commissions  as officers at a moment when the profession of arms is moving into uncharted waters. Pillars of the international order are under challenge as never before in my lifetime. At the same time, a cult of death and destruction is defiling ancient lands and seducing a frightening number of lost young. In the face of such challenges, Britain's traditional qualities - fair play, civility, a sense of humour in adversity - remains as precious as they've always been."

After 12 months of challenge in the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Ismail Hoxha will return to Kosovo with the sword received from Prince Charles, which demonstrates the commitment and skills he has shown in the academy during his education.

The world wide known military institution, highly praised the performance of the officer of the newest state in Europe.

Ismail Hoxha said that he never felt more proud; he emotionally said that this was a very special day and a great way to end his 12-month experience in the military academy where Prince Charles was present too.

"This was a special day since Prince Charles was here. This is not common, and this was the first time, we were rewarded by his presence. The presence of Prince Charles made this event even more special and I was very happy when I found out that the Prince will be here, and at the same time when I realized that we will be awarded. It is really a special day for all of us. We will go back to KSF, and continue the work that we had after graduating in the KSF, as platoon leader; thus, I’m confident that I will have a great experience with all those who are willing to work, and also I’m expecting to go back and start working in a very short time" said the awarded cadet Ismail Hoxha.

Reception of this award, and the graduation of KSF officers, is of particular importance to the commander of the Kosovo Security Force, Lieutenant General Mr. Rahman Rama.

"I feel very honoured and privileged to be here today in the capacity of commander. It is an honour and historic event for Kosovo, but also for KSF, family and all of us. It is a special feeling when among the best cadets the winner is representative, cadet or young  representative of Kosovo, which shows that the KSF is equal to the other states. It is an honour and a privilege. We all wish success to the cadet Hoxha" said the KSF commander, Rahman Rama.

Members of the KSF had to go through many great challenges in Kosovo in order to achieve the qualification for attending the Great Britain Royal Military Academy.

The selections were done by the Lieutenant Colonel David Jones. He felt very proud in the ceremony, especially for the KSF member being awarded.

"Yes, I was part of the selection and I knew that he was very talented, prepared and highly intelligent. I knew he would make it. These were 12 long months, and it was great today, which is good for him, for Kosovo, and his family. They are proud of him. And I also feel very proud today. It was a wonderful day, a wonderful ending to those 12 months; he has a great career in front of him in the Kosovo Security Forces and I wish him luck" said Lieutenant Colonel Jones.

An officer from Albania and one officer from Macedonia also managed to be part of graduation. Today, the total number of graduates in Sandhurst is 120.

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst is 200 years old, out of which come graduated officers from various countries of the world. They learn how to cope with various military operations and how to be future military leaders. From this Academy come out officers, who are willing to risk themselves to defend their country and their soldiers.

So far, in this academy were educated 12 KSF members, and another is expected to graduate on April next year.

After Ismail Hoxha ended his one year education in Sandhurst, he will return to Kosovo, where he will serve the KSF as a platoon commander.

He hopes to apply all of his experience obtained in Sandhurt to the Kosovo Security Force.

He will not return in Kosovo only as a graduated officer from Sandhurst, but also as the first winner from the Balkans to win the sword as the best student.


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