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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development awarded the best picture with agriculture theme #TokaJonë

Prishtina, 3 December 2015- The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, Memli Krasniqi, today solemnly awarded the winners of the competition for ten best pictures with agriculture theme #TokaJonë.

By the jury's decision, composed of Eliza Hoxha, Visar Kryeziu and Arben Islami, the winners are: Xhemail Shabani, the first place, Shkëmb Isufi, the second place, Arbër Halili, the third place. Whereas, the winners from fourth to tenth place are, Arian Mavriqi, Besnik Hamiti, Besart Shabani, Ardian Zullufi, Violeta Myftari and Berat Mehani.

These awards include a certain amount of money. In addition, in this ceremony was introduced the 100 best pictures of the competition as album. This album will be distributed through various domestic and international institutions in order to promote the agriculture, as a good opportunity for economic development, employment and rural tourism. Krasniqi, congratulated the winners and thank them for participation in the competition.

He said that this competition managed to draw people's attention to the agriculture and significantly promoted the sector, what certainly will serve as additional motivation for people to start farming. “This competition undoubtedly will become traditional, and why not working in agriculture promotion combined with other professions, as it was with you as professional passionate photographers, pointed out the Minister. 



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