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Arben Bajraktaraj was chosen as the best actor of the month in UK

Prishtina, 2 December 2015 – The internationally known kosovan actor, Arben Bajraktaraj, was chosen as the best actor of the month in the online festival “The Monthly Film Festival” in UK. This award he received for his role in the film “Lapsus”.

The title of the film coincides with the event itself. “Lapsus” brings to the viewer a visual lapsus. In 30 minutes, the film is dealing with an event that puts the viewer in doubt if this is really happening or is just an imagination of the main character, Terry.

But this price is not the only one that “Lapsus” is awarded. The film is directed by Karim Ouraet, who along with Julien Diris wrote the screenplay, took another four prices. “Lapsus” was awarded with prices as “Best film”, “Best screenplay”, “Best actress”  given to actress Sophie Meister and “Best Original Score”. “TMFF” is the festival which this year began with another way of film evaluation, i.e. online. In the official website of the festival, is noted that the aim of festival, which awards prices every month, is to promote as much as possible the work of the young directors.


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