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Kosovo with "7arte" participates in the global cultural festival on climate change in Paris

Prishtina, 1 December 2015 - Cultural organization "7arte", which recent years uses art and culture as a tool to have impact on the awareness raising and improvement of the environmental situation in Kosovo, with particular emphasis in the Mitrovica region, will participate in the global cultural festival on climate change in Paris. Representatives of "7arte", will participate in ARTCOP21 activity, where in the professional workshop will participate about 150 artists, professional scientists and other stakeholders from the policy making, who directly will discuss and share their experiences in order to define together on how the cultural scene activities could contribute to a sustainable development.

Cultural organization "7arte" will be represented by Lulzim Hoti, also the organizer of the "Green Fest". This organization has successfully implemented the project "Mitrovica acts green". "7arte", is a member of Kosovo culture independent network "Cultural Forum", a network which is continuously striving, among other things, to develop the country's cultural policies.


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