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The film “The father”, won two awards from the Bosphorus International Film Festival in Istanbul

Prishtina, 30 November 2015 – The film “The father (Babai-in Albanian)” directed by Visar Morina continues with triumphs. Last night, this film received two awards in the third edition of the Bosphorus International Film Festival in Istanbul.

“The father” took the price for the best film and for the best screenplay of the festival, two prices which have great values in monies as well. At the awards ceremony was present the director, Visar Morina, the actor Astrit Kabashi and the producer Visar Kruha, who have expressed their satisfaction for getting the award.

“The father” is the story about a kid named Nori (Val Maloku) who sells cigarettes along with his father Gëzim (Astrit Kabashi), during 90-ties, when the father at any price wants to immigrate to Germany and his son does everything just to be with him.

The relationship between the father and the son develops up to the point where nothing between them is not as it was, because the son is eager to be alongside with his father and in the same time must face the hardships of the reality. "The father" is produced by an international team, whereas most of the actors are from Kosovo.


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