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Football Federation of Kosovo lobbying for UEFA membership

Prishtina, 25 November 2015 – In the light of the lobbying campaign before the UEFA Congress which will be held in March 2016, with the aim of obtaining support for membership of FFK in UEFA, the president of FFK, Fadil Vokrri with his associates traveled to Turkey, where he will meet with the heads of the Football Federation of Turkey.

President Vokrri will inform the heads of the Football Federation of Turkey about the football developments in Kosovo, stressing the necessity for internationalization of Kosovo’s football, which remained unresolved as a result of unjust politics for so many years.

Few days ago, in the course of lobbying for membership of FFK in UEFA, a delegation of FFK that consisted of Fadil Vokrri, president, Bekim Haxhiu, vice president and Eroll Salihu, secretary general, were hosted in a meeting at the headquarters of the Football Federation of Slovenia by its president Alexander Çeferin and secretary general Alesh Zavrl with assocaires.

The Kosovo delegation thanked the president Çeferin for the hospitality and requested from him and Slovenian Federation to use all their influence and help FFK in achieving these objectives, namely the membership of FFF in UEFA.

On the other hand, president of the Slovenian Football Federation Mr. Aleksander Çeferin expressed the willingness to assist the FFK in all areas of interest and provide their support to FFK to meet its objectives as a legitimate right.


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