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“Mendje Djallëzore” represents Kosovo in Romania

Prishtina, 24 November 2015 – The play “Mendje Djallëzore” is representing the Republic of Kosovo in the XIX edition of the International Festival of Balkan Countries "Davila Studio Interfest 2015” which is taking place in Pitesti, Romania, from 20 to 25 November.

The play "Mendje Djallëzore" was performed in the stage of Theatre Davila "Liviu Ciulei" to the public and the jury of the festival which consisted of known critics of theatrical arts from Romania and other countries. Mentor Zymberaj was the actor who played the main role of Ajkun, who embodies the pain and challenges that this character experiences. The role of Ores is played by Flormend Shabaj, the role of Bora is played by Aida Alidemi, the investigator is played by Fidan Moni and the guards are portrayed by Agon Bala and Fisnik Sykaj.
The play is presented as a protest against the degradation of the country, mistreatment of the values and principles when the society enters into a deep crisis of trust. Fear and suspicion conquers everyone. A handful of people with power, are no longer governing. They rule. An infringed individual raises his head and reports the crime that darkens the future of the country. Ajkun is an honest man, a hard working employee.  He cannot bear the injustice, evil, deceit.

One day he decides to speak. His life takes a terrible turn.  In Han, no one dares to confront the boss. The state is in his hands, but this will not last for long.

He no longer lives now, however the system that he fed with hatred and treason, subjugation and immorality, has deep roots. In prison of Han, Ores, a trafficker with close relations to authorities, will break the loneliness of the handcuffed citizen. The investigator will offer Ajkun a "deal" to accept the crime that he has not commit. In order to accept the crime, as blackmail, they come up even with the disappearance of Ajkun’s daughter, Lea. His wife, Bora lives among the broken dream for a happy life and serious accusations against her husband.

Isolated from family, abandoned by friends, expelled from work, Ajkun decides to go to the end. Behind prison bars, the hero of Han now turns into an antihero.

The play "Mendje Djallëzore" was written by Blerim Haxhiaj and directed by Elmaze Nura, production of Theatre "Istref Begoli", the music of the show was composed by Memli Kelmendi, and lighting designer is Asllan Hyseni. The costumes were made by Bardha Shala. Lea's voice was performed by Mrikë Zymberaj. Participation in the International Festival in Romania is the first presentation of the play "Mendje Djallëzore", outside Kosovo. Whereas in Kosovo, it was highly appraised by theater critics.


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