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Kosovar movie "The Eaters" that depicts human greed continues the journey in Portugal

Prishtina, 24 November 2015 - Short movie "The Eaters" of Kosovar director Besim Ugzmajli continues the journey to the international film festivals.

The film's director confirmed that “The Eaters” will be part of the "Caminhos Film Festival”, which will be held in Portugal, in one of the most important cinemas of this country "Portuguese Cinema - Coimbra", which will be held from 27 November to 5 December.

"Participation in this festival represents a special significance, since the films are played in one of the best cinemas in Portugal, and many filmmakers and young students will participate in this event, "said Ugzmajli.

So far "The Eaters" participated in 28 different festivals, whereas Ugzmajli confirmed that according to some pre-selections, the movie will take part in some other festivals as well.

"The Eaters" is a drama that addresses the greed, human avarice of anything and by sparing anything.


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