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New findings of Roman buildings in Kosovo

Pristine, 19 November – The object from the Roman era discovered in the village Rahovice near Ferizaj was fully revealed. In addition, new findings emerged near the medieval church. The Archaeologists stumbled into these objects last month while working on the lanes of the highway Pristina - Hani i Elezit..

The archaeological remains that surfaced after the removal of the agricultural soil layer from the company that is constructing the highway Pristina – Hani i Elezi, now are considered as a done deal.

The Archeologists said they will soon decide whether this locality will divert the highway.
The dimensions of the building with many rooms have been increased, since other quadrants have been discovered. We do not know what its functions were, but it certainly was not a residential building as there is no floor similar to the genuine floors in the Roman period, hence it may have been a warehouse, or a feed-storing warehouse.

The building is 26 meters long and about 12 to 13 meters wide. But as it regards the tombs near the medieval church which is about 500 meters away from the object with many rooms, it is believed that there are 11 of them.

The archaeologist Premtim Alaj said that the tombs are located on the east side of the church. According to him, they are in the form of a simple hole. Only skeletons were found there, and all the tombs are oriented to the east-west headed to the west, the tombs have no inventory and architectural structures.

The Archaeologists started tracing this Roman church object during last month. The religious object of the medieval era was built of stone, and lime mortar was used as a stones binder.
The church is oriented east-west with dimensions of 16 by 6 meters. It is a two-room church, and also contains the absida.

Whereas, in the building of the late antiquity where coins from the III century were found, it must be stated that none of the rooms are of similar size.

It is believed that this building belongs to the two eras of construction since it was built with stones by dry masonry.

Source: Koha Ditore

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