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Textile and Leather

With over 200 years of tradition, textiles were the second largest industrial sector in Kosovo, after mining. In the past, products from Kosovar manufacturers targeted the local market, as well as other markets throughout the former Yugoslavia, Western and EasternEurope and the United States.

At its peak around 1990, each of the 15 SOEs engaged in textile production employed more than 1,000 people and sales totalled some 35 million Euro. Recent developments in the region have frozen the primary trading links of the textile industry, causing lower production rates and resulting in a lack of competitiveness with foreign products. As a result, a major share of former SOE workers has become redundant.

A minor part has, however, established private textile companies. Currently there are some 451 private companies engaged in textile production, out of which 90 percent are final product manufacturers. Although the textile industry has experienced a significant recovery during the past years, the majority of businesses are still small and take the form of micro enterprises. Consequently, they cater solely for the Kosovo market and are primarily geared towards a niche market.

Analysis indicates that some 55 to 65 million Euro in exports could be reached, assuming that trading links with former partners can be re-established. There is considerable scope in this sector for investors to recreate a vertically integrated manufacturing cluster so that Kosovo would once again produce finished clothing from thread and cloth made in the region.

In particular, Kosovo offers three major benefits for investors wishing to revamp one of the existing SOEs or found a new textile manufacturing company. These are:

  • A cheap, well skilled and experienced work force
  • A solid base of technology that can be acquired through the ongoing privatization process
  • Numerous subcontracting and outsourcing possibilities With the existing know-how, cheap labour force and other comparative advantages that the country offers, including the friendly business and investment environment, the textile industry in Kosovo has therefore the potential to become highly competitive internationally.