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Legal Framework

On the 17th of February 2008 Kosovo declared its independence, becoming the latest state to emerge following the disintegration of Yugoslavia. The declaration of independence established Kosovo as a democratic, secular and multi-ethnic Republic promoting the rights of all communities. In April 2008 the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo adopted the country’s constitution, which entered into force in June 2008.

Kosovo’s legal system has been continuously re-built since 1999. While other countries in the region have had to undergo the difficult and complicated procedure of making more than 80,000 laws compatible with European Union regulations, Kosovo’s legislation is already EU-compatible.

The legislation in force in includes:

  • Laws and regulations issued by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo
  • The regulations promulgated by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General during the United Nations Interims Mission in Kosovo;
  • The law in force in Kosovo on the 22nd of March, 1989

Every law is available also in English, Albanian, Serbian and can be found in electronic form at:

Here you can download laws related to the economy of Kosovo.