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Liberal Trade Regime

Kosovo is part of CEFTA since 2007, and also benefits from Autonomous Trade Preferences (ATP) with EU and duty-free trade with US, and trade connections with Japan, Norway and Turkey. Source: Wikipedia


Committed to establishing principles for the stable development of a pure market economy since a very early stage of development, Kosovo’s government has been working towards facilitating the free movement of goods and services throughout the country’s borders. As a result, Kosovo currently enjoys free trade within the Central European Free Trade Agreement - CEFTA - enabling its producers to access the regional market comprising 28 million consumers, free of any customs duties. In 2012 the total export with CEFTA members was 102.6 million and import 844.6 million.


In addition, Kosovo benefits from nonreciprocal, duty-free trade to the EU market based on the EU Autonomous Trade Preference Regime EU Council Resolution (ATP) (2007/2000). In 2012 the total export to EU was 107.4 million and import 978.1 million

United States

Duty-free trade to the US market. In 2011 the total export to USA was 0.25 million and import 46.9 million.

Japan and Norway

Trade connections with Japan and Norway, quantitative and qualitative restrictions remain in force only for a very limited number of goods. Import from Norway during 2012 was 3.69 million.

Import from Japan in 2012 was 16.9 million.


Free trade agreement with Turkey will start January 1st 2014