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Why Kosovo

Liberal Trade RegimeKosovo is part of CEFTA since 2007, and also benefits from Autonomous Trade Preferences (ATP) with EU and duty-free trade with US, and trade connections with Japan, Norway and Turkey. more
A Strategic LocationLocated in the heart of the Balkans, Kosovo serves as a connecting bridge between the South Eastern European countries.more
InfrastructureThe road network, consisting of 630 km of main roads, has been rebuilt to a large extent over the past years, with the addition of some completely new roads. With the construction of a highway...more
PopulationKosovo has the youngest population in Europe with 70 percent of the population being under the age of 35, more
Low Operating CostsThe main advantage of the Kosovar labor force is its low operating cost. With the average monthly wage estimated at €360, it is the most competitive in Europe.more
Legislation and AgreementsApril 2006 the Government of Kosovo drafted a law on foreign investment (Law No. 02/L-33).more
Business Environment in KosovoThe business environment in Kosovo is becoming one of the most competitive in the region. Advantages such as an excellent tax system, abundant natural resources, quick and easy business registration,...more
Economic StabilityThe real development of the economy, measured by the gross domestic product (GDP), has been favorable the past years, showing a positive and continuously increasing trend, despite the effects of the...more