October 2014

General Director

General Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The General Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs leads and coordinates the duties and tasks of the EU, NATO and Security Department, the International Economic Cooperation Department, the Bilateral Relations and International Organization Department, and the Regional Affairs Department.

In response to requests, the General Director facilitates communication between MFA embassies and missions and the Ministry and Minister. 

  • Proposes advice relating to the fields of the four departments under supervision.
  • Works in cooperation with political advisors, and always in agreement with the General Secretary, on key policies of the Minister and Deputy Minister.
  • Engages in overseeing the daily management of all policy departments and ensures that key issues are regularly prioritized, evaluated and dealt with rapidly.
  • Ensures that the Ministry receives and analyzes the best information available regarding foreign policy and the goals of Kosovo’s partners and key protagonists.
  • Creates relations with representatives of foreign governments in Kosovo and outside the country and with international organizations and NGOs.
  • Represents Kosovo, when requested, in international meetings;
  • Prepares back-up plans for a large number of issues.

Ambassador Albert Prenkaj,

Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Tel: +381 38 20011023

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Hoxhaj hosted Bulgarian Ambassador, Bobi Bobev, in a farewell meeting


Prishtina, 20 October 2014 – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj, hosted the Bulgarian Ambassador, Bobi Bobev, in a farewell meeting. more

Republic of Kosovo established diplomatic relations with El Salvador


New York, 18 October 2014 – the agreement to establish diplomatic relations between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of El Salvador was signed in a ceremony organized at the premises of the Consulate of the Republic of Kosovo in New York.more