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Hoxhaj: Ahtisaari Package – the only way to peace in the Balkans

Roma, 10 September – Foreign Affairs Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj speaking about the reconciliation in the Balkans in an interview for the Italian Agency ANSA said that the only way to reconciliation is for Belgrade to recognize Kosovo’s independence, whilst the Ahtisaari package is the only solution producing stability in the Balkans.

“Thanks to Ahtisaari plan and United Nations Special Representative, Serb minority rights in Kosovo are guaranteed more than in any other country in Europe. 90% of this plan has already been implemented”, said Hoxhaj.

In this interview, Minister Hoxhaj has again accused Belgrade for the blockade in the regional initiatives.  “Belgrade must stop fighting the Government of Kosovo; it must stop blocking Kosovo in regional initiatives which are related to the economic cooperation and security field”, emphasized Hoxhaj.

Hereby he requested more assistance from the European Union. “The Republic of Kosovo needs tangible results from the European Union, and not only words.  We went beyond any understanding”, said Hoxhaj, referring to the relations with EU.

According to Hoxhaj, things are moving slow in Brussels, because until today, five member states still did not recognize the Republic of Kosovo.  Speaking about the increase of the number of recognitions, Hoxhaj said that obvious progress can be seen in the Arab world.

''I believe that after certain regimes fall in some of the Arab states, regimes that were the allies of the opponents of the independence, I think they will change the attitude towards our independence” said he.

Hoxhaj said also for ANSA that the recognition by the Holy See is very important for the Republic of Kosovo.

Whereas as far as the Italia – Kosovo relations, Minister Hoxhaj said that Roma is supporting Kosovo strongly in its Euro-Atlantic membership endeavor.

''Italy has given us great help in our endeavor towards EU and in concluding the process of recognitions. Our cooperation will be focused on infrastructure, energy, agriculture, food and tourism”, said Hoxhaj.

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