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NEW OFFENSIVE "We will have a new lobbying offensive in October and November. We will visit many other countries that have not yet recognized the Republic of Kosovo. We will participate in many international forums...more
Hoxhaj: Belgrade should stop discriminating Albanians in the Preshevo valley Interview with Enver Hoxhaj, minister of foreign affairsmore
Hoxhaj: Ahtisaari Package – the only way to peace in the BalkansRoma, 10 September – Foreign Affairs Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj speaking about the reconciliation in the Balkans in an interview for the Italian Agency ANSA said that the...more
Enver Hoxhaj: "Wir sind sehr besorgt"Die Kosovo-Krise ist vorerst beigelegt. Die umstrittenen Grenzübergänge zwischen dem Nordkosovo und der Republik Serbien werden mindestens bis Mitte September von der Schutztruppe Kfor...more
Serbia has invested over six billion euros in paramilitary structures New York 1 September 2011 (Kosovapress) - Once we reach the critical number of states that have recognized the independence of Kosovo, it will be a duty of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo to...more
Enver Hoxhaj, ministre kosovar : « La Serbie doit démanteler ses structures étatiques au Kosovo »Engagé en mars, le dialogue entre le Kosovo et la Serbie reprend aujourd’hui, sous l’égide de l’Union européenne. Il avait été suspendu début...more
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