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Muhamedin Kullashi

What do you do, where are you based?

I have been serving as the Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo to the French Republic since 2008, and as a professor of philosophy at the University of Paris 8 since 1992. 


What is the most you like about the job you do?

What I appreciate most is communication with diplomats of countries from different continents on issues pertaining to Kosovo and the respective countries, but also on the relations with France. This communication contributes to mutual perceptions of different aspects of a political system, the specifics of the culture of a society, the relations that a country establishes with another country. Through diplomatic communication we gain a greater understanding of different interests (not only economic) that may affect the political orientation of a country and to what extent a political decision may depend on specificinterests but also on prejudices.  Thus, when communicating with diplomats from different continents regarding the likelihood of their countries recognizing Kosovo or to support Kosovo in an international organization, one could notice a multitude of factors (political, economic, cultural) that affect their perception of our country, today’s reality or the cultural and historical past. However, communication is not just a courteous conversation but also a “communicative action” (Jürgen Habermas), to the extent it affects the change of perception of us and thedecisions related to us. . 


What is the best thing about the city you live in?

I live in Paris since 1992, since the Serbian regime forced us out of the University of Prishtina. Besides opportunity and space for diplomatic cooperation, besides the beauty of the city, Paris seduces with its very rich cultural and intellectual life. What I appreciate most here is the diverse theater scene but also panels on arts, literature, psychoanalysis, politics..